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  • Competitive market and branding planning

It is common knowledge that brand reputation can make or break a business. Perception and reputation are amongst the most powerful assets that an individual or business can have.

The challenge that many individuals or firms find today is differentiating themselves from the competition and generating profitable opportunities. Today's service offerings are undifferentiated across service provider firms, the choice for a client of selecting the right provider is often narrowed down to brand and reputation.

CBC will help you analyse, and differentiate yourself from the competition by evaluating the equity of your brand, ensuring  it is accurately positioned in the market space in which you compete.

Our expertise will help you with:

  • Generating client feedback on your current brand
  • Identifying and defining a new personal brand strategy
  • Visual brand redesign (including logo, stationery, website and marketing collateral)
  • Defining new brand messages
  • Creating new client Marketing & PR value messages
  • Organising a strategy enrolment plan across the firm, various locations for a consistent coordinated image worldwide.